Omer is able to manifacture vehicle components using aluminium alloys, as well as composite and plastic materials. The company’s infrastructure and workforce are highly specialized in the internal production of aluminium components. Using exclusively its own resources, Omer creates complete systems for railway furnishing and components, transforming raw materials into finished products. In fact, all the phases of the transformation of the product can be carried out in the manufacturing departments of the company, and the choice to make use of outsourcing for particular items and/or activities, always to highly qualified suppliers, is made on the basis of the particular operating conditions in which the company finds itself at the time. All this allows for highly flexible production and at the same time guarantees careful checks on the processes and products.

The ability to carry out all the production phases within the company gives Omer an extremely high degree of production flexibility, and at the same time guarantees careful checks on the processes and products.
Rolled sections of aluminium alloys and steel, and extrusions in light alloys are chiefly used for production. They are suitably processed with phases of cutting, plastic deformation, welding/gluing, painting, assembly and packaging. The production phases are defined for each project by a production road map drawn up during the design phase. Each phase is monitored and managed using an integrated computer system that allows for careful checks of the production and exact traceability of the materials.



Omer’s capacity to carry out both design and production internally makes it possible to create equipment ad hoc for each production cycle. In particular, the company has developed a knowledge of how to make dedicated moulds for cold and warm forming, temperature and depression controlled jigs for making composites, and assembly templates to be used in different departments for an ever greater precision and optimization of the production cycle.

At Omer jigs are designed and then made with very high precision using laser cutting. These jigs are used in every department and they ensure time saving. They also guarantee greater precision in every phase, like for example welding, painting, mounting or quality control. The company has cutting-edge tools to implement and check the production cycle in its various phases. All the equipment and tools undergo periodic inspections and adjustment to ensure that they work perfectly.



The testing phase is key point, particularly for special processes, that is processes whose quality cannot be evaluated through final measurements on the product alone. In addition to being able to carry out tests connected with the validation of the FEM analysis and the freezing of the design phase in general, Omer is equipped to carry out wide range of tests internally, both of model and series, for the purpose of validating and monitoring both the processes and the products made.

For every project, Omer sets up a testing plan to ensure that the requirements of applicable rules, and customer wishes, are met. Omer also has laboratories that are accredited at an international level for carrying out specific tests on the parts produced. Omer has recently carried out fire resistance tests, thermal insulation tests, heat insulation tests, sound insulation tests, tests for resistance to corrosion in saline fog, cataplasm tests etc. in these laboratories.