OMER manufactures all its products in the industrial plants of:

  • Carini (Palermo), carpentry and finishing production center for the European and other markets except North America (including Australia);
  • Sterling Heights (Michigan, Detroit Area, USA), a center specialized in the final manufacturing and assembly processes of products to be sold on the North American market and in the commercial distribution of the Group’s products.

Lastly, OMER has acquired a proximity warehouse in Crespin (France) to support a specific customer. A consignment stock of material on which the customer can draw in line with its production needs.

Carini and the WCF

The Italian plant in Carini, in the province of Palermo, extends over two independent production sites equipped with all the necessary machines to complete the full production cycles, and divided into six production units.

With a total area of about 80,000 square meters and 6 fully integrated and digitized production units in line with the Industry 4.0 rationale, the Carini plant secures OMER a competitive position in the sector, in terms of production capacity.

Plant A

With a total area of about 20,000 square meters, of which 9,200 square meters are covered, it is divided into three production units::

  • Plant A1, 3,500 sqm.
  • Plant A2, 4,800 sqm, which also houses the company’s headquarters, administrative offices and the Design and Engineering department.
  • Plant A3, 900 sqm.

Plant A1
3,500 sqm

Plant A2
4,800 sqm

Plant A3
900 sqm

Plant B

Renamed World Class Factory (WCF), this plant covers a total area of approximately 59,000 square meters, of which 21,500 square meters are covered, and is also divided into three production units.

  • Plant B1, 4,520 sqm.
  • Plant B2, 13,250 sqm.
  • Plant B3, 3,700 sqm.

Active since 2020, it has seen an investment of approximately 9 million euros for its development, of which 6 million euros for the purchase of machines and systems.

Plant B1
4,520 sqm

Plant B2
13,250 sqm

Plant B3
3,700 sqm

Sterling Heights

In 2017 OMER lands in the US district of Detroit and establishes the subsidiary Omer North America Corp. with the opening of the Sterling Heights plant, a single manufacturing and trading unit consisting of a total area of 3,000 square meters.

From Sterling Heights OMER supports one of its main customers in the production of trains for the North American market, carrying out machining on extruded profiles and sheet metal as well as the riveting, welding, grinding, painting and packaging processes.