Velocità e confort

OMER designs and manufactures the upper, side, lower external fairings and girths for carriages and locomotives.

These products have a high technological content and fundamental structural characteristics that are essential for the safety and operation of the train, especially in the high-speed sector.

High mechanical resistance. Use of innovative materials, Optimization of weights. These are the key points on which OMER bases the design and production of these components.

A proof of OMER’s versatility and its capacity to be totally competitive in the sector, at domestic and European level, both in the design and in the production stages.

Frecciarossa ETR1000

Customer _ HITACHI

  • Design and production of upper fairings and girth fairings

Avelia USA

Customer _ ALSTOM USA

  • Design and production of lower and upper fairings of carriages
  • Design and production of lower and upper fairings of locotomotives



  • Design and production of upper, side and lower fairings of locomotives