High Speed Interiors.

Velocità e confort

Refined design, high mechanical resistance, use of innovative materials, weight optimization.

These are the main strongholds of OMER’s planning and production of structural and design components for high-speed line trains, capable of reaching peaks exceeding 300km/h.

The combination of design objects, such as aluminum components with painted finishes and ultra-light sandwich panels, and structural items withstanding high mechanical stress, such as products made with aluminum profiles, shows OMER’s extreme versatility and its competitive stand in the sector, at Italian and European level, from design to production.

Frecciarossa ETR1000

Customer _ HITACHI

  • Complete furnishings of the Meeting Area
    • side panelling
    • ceilings
    • glass walls
    • partition walls
    • swivel seats
    • table
  • Compartment side lining panelling
  • Transverse walls at compartment ends



  • Panels below the windows
  • Ceiling panels, lighting channels and side ceilings
  • Toilet entrance door
  • Complete furnishing for the vestibule areas


Customer _ Ansaldo Breda

  • Ceiling panels
  • Side ceilings
  • Panels below the windows
  • Window curtains
  • Transverse walls at compartment ends
  • Glass walls

The products made by the Group can also be found in the following High Speed Trains:

  • Italo NTV
  • TGV 2020
  • ETR 500
  • ETR 700 Albatros
  • Bombardier ICX