For over 30 years OMER has focused on providing its customers with a Service geared to the design, manufacture and installation assistance for the products on demand in the railway transportation market.

OMER’s offer develops through a series of activities aimed at creating furniture in line with customer specifications and compliant with the sector’s technical regulations.

These activities include Design, in cooperation with the Customer from the early stages of the project’s development, Industrialization, Manufacturing of components, highly customized to the needs of the Customer, as well as Assistance with assembly operations at the Customer’s site.


Rail transport is nowadays a synonym of sustainable mobility.

In line with the trends of its business sector, OMER aspires to meet the needs of the market by creating products that may contribute to foster green mobility.

By developing highly innovative processes, aimed at making the entire production cycle and the product itself entirely eco-sustainable, OMER aims to establish itself in its market segment and achieve its customers’ recognition as a reference player.



Training and investments in new technologies are necessary to boost business growth. This daily commitment is grounded on solid knowledge, which has an increasingly important role within “knowledge-based” organizations.

Our knowledge base is part of the company’s assets. The skills and knowledge of our people are part of the company’s value.


OMER relies on the skills of its technicians to win the competition challenge. Over the years, our designers have acquired distinctive skills, which they keep up to date thanks to continuous training, boosting the company’s ability to identify solutions that can meet customer needs and make their product competitive.


At OMER, respect for people and rules are the pillars around which the company revolves.

OMER constantly invests in the innovation and automation of its processes and products, while firmly holding the focus on the human factor. Wealth is always generated by people, who continue to transform raw materials into a finished product that has a high added value.