Design and Engineering.

OMER has a strong vocation to production, therefore the activity developed by the Design and Engineering Department aims to identify technical solutions that minimize the production costs of the final product and also aim to achieve the best cost/benefit compromise, in full compliance with the requirements of the Customer and of the regulations in force.

Each proposed technical solution can be supported by the creation of prototypes of individual components and mockups for verification with the case structure and the systems installed on it.

The department can count on specialized technicians and engineers, capable of developing the following phases:

3D Modeling

OMER considers 3D modeling the crucial point of the entire design-production system and uses it in all the phases of the project to:

  • check the geometries of the developed parts
  • make sure it interfaces with other vehicle systems or subsystems
  • extract information necessary for FEM checks
  • reduce prototyping and packaging management times.

Solid Edge™ and CATIA V5™ are the main software used for three-dimensional modeling and for the aforementioned activities.

FEM Analysis

In OMER the design process is supported, verified and validated by structural FEM analysis and by experimental tests that are also carried out in qualified European laboratories.

The results of the FEM Analysis are subsequently verified through a Testing phase consisting of laboratory tests on real prototypes, through which it is possible to refine the design solution, obtaining the best product in full satisfaction of the customer’s requests.

The tests, geared to evaluating one or more aspects at the same time, are conducted with a view to simulating the real operating conditions to which the product will be subjected.