Sought after design, high mechanical resistance, the use of innovative materials and the optimization of weight – these are the key points on which Omer bases the design and production of structural components and the appearance of high speed trains, which are capable of reaching speeds of over 300 km/h. The combination of decorative articles, like aluminium components with painted finishes, and ultra-light sandwich panels, and structural items subject to high levels of mechanical stress, like parts in aluminium profiles, demonstrate Omer’s versatility and competitiveness in the field, at a national and European level, in both the design and the production phases.

ETR1000 / V300 Zefiro

  • Complete furnishing of the Meeting Area (side lining, ceilings, glass walls, partitions, swivel chairs and a table)
  • Compartment side lining panels
  • Partition walls at the end of the compartment
  • Upper fairing
  • Girth fairing


  • Panels under the windows
  • Ceiling panels, illumination and hanging channels
  • Toilet door
  • Complete furnishing of entrance area
  • Upper, side and lower fairing of locomotives


  • Ceiling panels
  • Ceiling hangings
  • Panels under the windows
  • Window curtains
  • Partition walls at the end of the compartment
  • Glass walls



Omer has confirmed its presence in the Italian and European railway sector in the design and production of double decker coaches, its speciality in regional transport. The choice of cutting-edge technical solutions made participation in co-design possible for the provision of interiors in double decker trains for French regional transport.The CDPTR project is the pride of Italy. It involves double decker coaches for Trenitalia’s regional transport network, and Omer contributed to its modernization and adaptation to conform to the safety regulations in force. The evolution of trains with high passenger numbers led to the TSR project, the platform for regional transport dedicated to the Northern Railways lines with large numbers of users and the Milan railway link.

New Vivalto

(CDPDR Carriage)

  • Lower, upper and top passenger compartment (window panels, technical posts, rear luggage racks)
  • Lower upper and outer walls at the end of the compartments
  • Glass partitions
  • Lower, upper and top floor ceilings
  • Staircases and staircase covering

Region 2N

  • Lower and upper passenger compartment (window panels, technical posts)
  • Entrance area ceilingso
  • Covers for heating elements


  • Lower, upper and top compartments, (panels under the windows, windows, bodices, lookout posts)
  • Entrance areas (boarding posts, entrance area/compartment division walls)
  • Lower, upper and top floor ceilings
  • Staircases and staircase lining
  • Upper floor horizontal lining
  • Flat head walls
  • Cabinets for MCH electronic islands
  • Walls and door lining for MCH cabin



The furnishings in light alloy developed for urban mass transport trains are a combination of solidity and design. Omer’s technology, which includes constant research into innovative materials, allows constructive and reliable solutions to be found, with the aim of standardizing the modules of the furnishings as much as possible, and therefore meeting the requirements of the client.

Rome Metro

  • Flat head furnishings
  • Front head furnishings
  • Ceilings
  • Bargeboards

Brescia Metro

  • Boarding posts
  • Cabinets
  • Side lining


  • Passenger compartments

    • Window panels complete with air channels
    • Kick plate lining
    • Technical posts
    • End walls
  • Ceilings
  • Lining of the bridge in the control cabin


X’Trapolis 100

  • Air channels
  • Ventilation grille and ceiling panels
  • Illumination channels


  • Flat head walls
  • Electricity cabinets
  • Ceiling panels
  • Bargeboards



Using its design and production know how, Omer has carried out projects to renovate railway coaches, both internally and with co-design. Starting from existing box mathematics, and then analysing the client’s technical specifications while taking current regulations into account, Omer boasts numerous revamping projects for the coaches of national trains. These projects involve the technical modernization of the products, adapting them to conform to safety regulations by fitting fire prevention systems in the coaches for example, and restyling various features with a more modern look.


Semipilot IR

  • Partition and longitudinal walls
  • Window panels
  • Panels below the windows and air channel casing
  • Luggage racks and lower luggage rack casing
  • Ceiling hangings
  • Ceiling covering
  • Complete furnishing of the entrance areas
  • Compartment sliding doors
  • Boarding step lining
  • Lowered area ceiling panels
  • Fire-proof walls for cabin and compartment sides
  • Cabin lining
  • Electricity cabinet lining

Local carriage with lowered floor

  • Window panels
  • Panels under the windows
  • Lining for static converter